Re-naming a person

A re-naming ceremony is for someone who has chosen to go by a name other than their birth name.

This can be done for many different reasons. Sometimes for religious, spiritual or symbolic reasons, people choose to be known as a different name. It can signify a definitive point or change in someone’s life or even a rebirth and new direction.

Regardless of the reason, a ceremony conducted before family and friends will reinforce the importance of the change of name, and emphasise the significance of this event to those who have been invited to witness this special occasion.

Re-naming a Vessel

Recently a rise in re naming boat ceremonies has occurred and due to sailor superstition and to promote good luck, a re-naming ceremony is needed to ‘wipe the slate clean’ so to speak.  In order to re-name a vessel a cleanse is required do de-name the vessel and then to be able to re-name it correctly.

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