Commitment Ceremonies are the celebration of the union and love between you and your partner, it is a wonderful way for couples not wanting to be legally married to declare and celebrate the love and commitment that you have for one another as life-long partners, without the legalities of a marriage.

Promises and vows are made to each other expressing your commitment to each other and your meaningful relationship.  The ceremony provides you with the opportunity to publicly declare your love to each other and to honour your commitment to remain loving, loyal and dedicated to one another by proclaiming your love before family and friends, and should reflect your thoughts with meaning and love.

The vows and promises spoken to one another in a commitment ceremony carries the same emotion, significance, importance and intent as those made in a legally registered wedding ceremony using very similar content as a wedding ceremony, the only difference is that there are no legal requirements and is therefore not legally registered.  But just as with a wedding ceremony, you can include some of the more traditional aspects of a wedding ceremony.  There are many ways that you can declare your love and dedication to each other with numerous readings and rituals to choose from to create a beautiful ceremony for your special day, and I provide a decorative Commitment Certificate and a commemorative copy of your ceremony which is given to you on the day as a keepsake of the occasion.