If you don’t want your child to be christened in a church involving a formal religious ceremony, but you wish to celebrate your precious little bundle of joy in a special and significant way, a baby naming ceremony could be the perfect alternative.

A very popular ceremony is the Name Giving Ceremony.  It is not a religious ceremony and does not replace a Baptism or Christening, but it is an occasion to celebrate your child’s birth and officially welcome the newest little member into the family.

It is a very special occasion for all, and a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to formally welcome your child into the community and into their loving circle, as well as formally acknowledging the importance of the name that has been given to your child in the presence of loved ones

The naming ceremony is an important occasion that provides the opportunity to declare before family and friends of your promise to be a dedicated parent who will love, encourage and protect your child, and serves to remind all concerned of the great responsibility involved in raising a child.

Participating in a naming ceremony is a wonderful privilege and a unique occasion for everyone involved.  Parents acknowledge relatives and friends that they have selected, to be given the honour of becoming mentors or guardians to their child.

This ceremony is a joyous occasion that can help deepen family relationships as family and friends pledge their love and commitment as guardians to nurture and support your child on their journey to adulthood.

Recognising grandparents, uncles and aunts and even your child’s older siblings create a lovely personal touch to this wonderful family occasion, and to show your appreciation to the important people in your child’s life, you may consider presenting them with a gift or a beautiful, individual certificate as a memento of this special occasion.

There are many rituals, readings and poems to choose from and one of the greatest pleasures is to create a ceremony that is unique and meaningful to you and your child by the promises and readings you choose. You can, for example read promises or wishes for the baby, recite poems, play music, sing a song, the naming of guardians, grandparents dedication, planting of a tree, lighting of a candle, presentation of a special gift, blowing of bubbles, release of balloons (biodegradable). Any of these can be performed to mark the occasion.

Talk to your family about the importance of what you want to include in your own ceremony.  It is my role to assist you in creating a meaningful ceremony with happiness, love and joy. I can also provide you with sample ceremonies and readings as a guide you to create a ceremony that is unique to you and will be treasured forever.

Your child will receive a beautiful Naming Certificate and a commemorative copy of the ceremony as a keepsake of this special occasion.